Web hosting

Web hosting is really one of the first things to chose before starting

How did I chose

After reading a lot about which host to get, the main answer I got was to get one that was close physically to the client or main users.

Since I’m from Canada and my main clients/users are meant to be around here I chose one from Canada. Since day one, I’m with WHC.CA.

Am I happy ?

Eventhough I wanted to change more than once, I’m still with them and for now relatively happy. I guess this tells a lot about the product they offer.

Frankly I never got any issues from clients telling me the service was bad, slow or anything else. Which in reality is my main concern.

What made me doubts ?


All the times I needed help through support, I felt that I was on a really, really long list. The help was long to come and often I felt that it was not up to par. But I have to admit that I am VERY VERY difficult customer to please in the service department. Another thing was that I at that time I was a beginner and everything seemed like I had to climb mount Everest !

I also need to underline that only twice help was needed, so they have a pretty robust product for my taste.


Of course we always want something that is very cheap for the best product, in that department, I am not different than anyone.

I was very happy with the price I got at the beggining and I’m very happy with the move I made at start. I took the 3 years contracts which at the begining seemed a bit high because I upgrade to the Entreprise package, but at the end was a great thing because (and I did not know that) when I renewed, the super discount wasn’t available for me anymore even if it was still advertised (for new customers in small print).

When I looked around, I understood pretty fast that they were in the market and that I would not find anything way better than what I got. So my advice to you is to get the package you need at the start for as long as possible with the discount and if you need to upgrade, you will do so with the rebate still applicable.


For future reference I started with PRO that I upgraded to Entreprise pretty soon and I renewed at full price with the PRO (because it was to expensive for me) that finaly was not enough… I still upgraded to Entreprise and I’m really happy with the product.

And really, if your clients are around here, I recommend their hosting package.

Do I plan to change in the near future

The simple answer is no, for now I am very happy with the product. I’m with them since the beggining and the road ahead seems good 😉

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