The Shopping List

The big picture of what I have done and the steps I will be commenting.

PLEASE NOTE : For now since it is a dynamic Blog, this section will be populated at an ongoing pace, please refer to it often ! Links to articles will be added as articles are written.

Here is my ongoing list of what I plan to write about. This list will guide us with the steps done and to come. It will guide me as much as it will guide you through all the steps that I already done, where I got stuck and how I overcame the difficulties.

This part is where I think is best to start or at least have a pretty good idea what or how to do it.

  1. Web Hosting
  2. How to create a Website
  3. Domain
  4. Logo, Fonts, colors

Building your site

Now that you have everything to start, a name, a logo, a visual. Let’s get real and start the building block process. The next steps are how I think it is the easiest and cost afordable you can get to have a good quality website.

  1. Plugins
    • Elementor
    • Quiz

My Website sections

For this section, I think there is no best answer as to what is important depending on what is your main purpose for your site but as you know I will tell you How I dit it 😉


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